Abalone Queen is unique one-of-a-kind jewelry influenced by qualities of structure, color, shape, texture, size and iridescence. Continually inspired to turn treasures polished smooth by the ocean into wearable works of art, I source my shells by beach combing the Mendocino and Sonoma Coasts. Each piece is of jewelry is individually created around the shells being used. Designed to last I gather, sort, drill and wire- wrap abalone and shells combined with beach glass, gem stones and 14k gold, 14k gold fill and sterling silver wire. With no 2 pieces alike the result is like a small wearable sculpture.

I love the process that brings me to a completed necklace or pair of earrings knowing that Abalone Queen jewelry will feel as if you are wearing the ocean.

Thank you for visiting my website!

Abalone Queen can be purchased at the listed galleries and through my Etsy page.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Deborah, found you on FB and love, love, love your beautiful jewelry. I hope you are doing well and are doing well. It appears you are as happy as what is conveyed in your art! You were always a beautiful spirit. Crystal Carlson, SF

    1. Nice to hear from you crystal! we are loving life on the coast. how are you and alex? please send my love to him (and yourself of course).

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Handcrafted Jewelry by Deb Threlkel